I set up Helix Glass Studio to combine my artistic skills in design with the craftsman skills of modern glass working.

After graduating from Swansea Institute of Higher Education in 2004 studying Architectural Glass, I have concentrated on work arising from my strong interest in colour and graphic design. Initially I worked in a wide variety of applications from traditional leaded stained glass panels, a novel lead-free stained glass technique, jewellery, sandblasting and decorative glassware.

More recently, I have been concentrating on kiln formed glass designs using thin strands of coloured glass, and have developed novel methods for blending colour elements so that even with limited ranges of available glass colours, a very wide range of colour blends can be created. Colours that are close to each other can be used to produce fine textures, and contrasting colours can be used to produce vibrant highlights.

This ColourWave approach has been developed over the last few years, and requires careful selection of colours to make a smooth blend seen at a distance, and fascinating detail close-up.

The example below shows how a smooth transition of colours can be made by a surprising set of starting colours. Where has the green gone? Where is the dark blue? Where is the pink?…

Colour selection
Pre fire
Strands arranged on base glass ready to go into the kiln
HRoss - ColourWave - Inner Glow
The finished piece after a couple of kiln firings and work to make the edges smooth