I am a kiln formed glass artist fascinated by the contrasts and harmonies generated by simply placing different colours side by side.

In my recent ColourWave series of designs, I have been exploring how to blend colours using groups of contrasting and harmonising coloured strands of glass.

I use up to 500 strands of thin glass placed in order by hand on a base layer of clear glass and then fire them together in a kiln. This process melts the glass into a single sheet that can then be turned into 3 dimensional object by melting it over a mould to give it a shape, or can be left flat and turned into a piece of art for the wall.

The blending process I use generates smoothly varying colours but at the same time these blends also show intricate colour detail close up. I am constantly delighted by the resulting effects. I hope you will enjoy this too. Please explore further to see what is possible.

Some of the Colourwave pieces I have made – available to purchase in the Shop