Commissioning a piece of stained glass is not difficult, as we work with you to produce something that will have lasting appeal.  We do not try to hurry the process as we appreciate that it takes time to get things right.

If you have already thought about what you want, we follow your ideas closely and draft a design on computer and check it with you before making the panel.

If you need more help, we have several sources of  design ideas to browse through to help choose styles, colours and any additional features such as text to be added. Poetry and commemorations are very popular.  We can then produce drafts and suggest alternative design ideas and colours for you to consider.  We can also provide samples of the glass proposed in the design to show the colours and textures for final approval.

We are happy to provide an estimate of costs at an early stage in the process, and we can always work to a budget if necessary.

Once the design is complete we will supply a written quotation.

Work will start on making the panel on payment of a 25% non-returnable deposit.

Guide prices 

The cost of a stained glass panel or window will vary considerably and depends on the size of the finished work, the complexity of the piece and the glass used.

As a price guide panels range from about £60 per sq foot for a simple geometric design to £120 per sq foot or more for more complex designs.

Installation is not included in the price.

Compatibility with double glazing

If double glazing is already installed it is usual to attach the stained glass on the inside of the room using an extra frame or bezel that attaches to the existing frame.  The outer edges of the Helix panel are wood with a typical thickness of 8mm.

Free-standing stained glass panels

 Small stained glass panels may be mounted in one of several ways:

- Using wooden feet, as shown here for a small panel. This is simple and often adequate if the window is not an opening pane and people are unlikely to knock into the panel. For more stability, non-slip pads, adhesive pads or velcro patches can be attached to the bottom of the feet, or small screws can make a more permanent attachment to a sill.

 - Hanging the panel in a window.  Lead-free panels are much lighter than traditional leaded work and panels up to 900mm tall by 600mm wide can be easily hung.

Unique pieces combining art and craft