We now make modern stained glass using laser cut wooden frames to give the ultimate quality of line and finish that are then filled with traditional stained glass.

Helix Glass has developed a new method for stained glass production, as it was looking for a more precise way to mount the glass and was concerned with the continuing use of lead in making panels.


The glass pieces used in the panels are made in the traditional ways, with cutting, painting, etching and surface fusing as necessary.   The new method uses computer-controlled laser cutting of multi-layer substrates to create a precise framework that holds the glass in place.  This produces a sturdy framework with a much improved surface quality finish that also does not tarnish or require maintenance.  The finished size of the panel is now precisely dimensioned and is compatible with conventional door or window frames with no special techniques required for assembly. 

Lead-free stained glass is less labour-intensive and can be delivered at lower cost, particularly for repeated designs.

The process allows a wider range of interior design projects to be made that are both environmentally friendly and non hazardous.  Helix Glass is currently concentrating on using this process for making stained glass panels, wall hangings, screens and lamps.

Helix Glass can either work directly with individual clients on a commission basis, or with interior designers, architects or builders to meet their project requirements.

To see how to commission stained glass panels, please click here or just give a call on 01344 778579 for a discussion of what you are looking for.

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