Preparation of artwork - how we can help

Graphic Approach

One type of image processing we do is a "pen and ink" drawing from original artworks or photography.  This is very suitable for "strong" contrasty images.


              Original image                               Processed image



              Sandblast mask                              Final sandblast image

This approach is very suited to sandblast work and produces a strong contrasting image which remains very recognizable. Other approaches, such as using conventional halftones, are also available.

Sometimes images are in the form of woodcut masters and can be used directly:


This panel is 380mm across and is from an original woodcut by Cammille Flammarion.

Greyscale / Halftone Approach

Helix can process photographs in a similar way to that used in newspaper publication.  At medium and long range viewing the dot pattern is not visible and a normal image is seen. At close range the dot pattern becomes noticeable, but remains stylish and generally acceptable.  The dot size is typically 0.5mm, and difficult to see at arms' length.

We provide positive contrast masks for sandblasting on clear glass. 

We can also prepare masks for sandblast work on dark glass, stone or metal (usually enhanced by treating the sandblast with white or gold paint or wax), or for producing a black image on a white substrate, by treating the sandblasted area with black paint or wax.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.

me-baby_edited-1.jpg   Original image

IMG_0324_master.jpg   Enlarged greyscale master













  Sandblasted image on clear glass

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