Helena Ross set up Helix Glass Studio to combine the artistic skills of design with the craftsman skills of modern glass working.  

After graduating from Swansea Institute of Higher Education (2001 - 2004) with a BA(Hons) degree in Architectural Glass, Helena has concentrated on work that combines her strong interest in colour and graphic design in a wide variety of applications from traditional leaded stained glass panels, lead-free stained glass, jewellery and decorative glassware.  

Most recently, she has been concentrating on fused glass designs combining thin strands of glass into harmonious colour structures.  This approach requires a meticulous attention to detail when assembling the colour sequences so that the strands of glass are blended into a range of varying hues from a small palette of colours.

 Colour Selection.jpg            Stringers Aligned on Glass.jpg              
Original colour selection   Arranged on base glass ready for firing
Unique pieces combining art and craft